Sample for my students

This post is just a placeholder. I’m teaching my students some basic skills for promoting their blogs, so I’m going to demonstrate what happens when you tweet out a promotional link in real time. Then we are going to zip over to to look at other ways to make our blogs talk to assorted social media sites and note-taking sites. I’m not an Instagram user, but I’m guessing some of my students might like the ifttt recipes that allow them to tag an Instagram shot so that it auto-posts to their blog. I also back up my blog posts in Evernote using an ifttt recipe. Do I look at those back-up copies very often? No, I don’t. But it could be useful some day when I want to take advantage of Evernote’s excellent search function. Overall, I want my students’ blogs to be more than just something they are doing for my class. They are hopefully going to find uses across the curriculum.  


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