End of the year is close

It’s Commencement Weekend, and I’m manning the desk in the deans’ office on a busy Saturday. We have seniors packing their rooms to ship out tomorrow after lunch, we have rising seniors attending leadership training, and we have lots of underclassmen just trying to enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend.

I’m thankful that I was able to enjoy an hour of #satchathack this morning (the usual #satchat hosts took the day off). The topic was about inauthentic 21st century classrooms that just bring in a lot of technology and trendy methods without meaningful learning objectives, etc. I might occasionally fall prey to that myself, but I’m never guilty of adding a column for “Creativity” on a rubric (because I scrupulously eschew rubrics). I love the irony of that move and the fact that rubric practitioners don’t get the irony. 

The summer blogging assignment for rising sophomores is ready to go, but I feel this nagging sense that there is more to do. The books are in the bookstore, the details of the assignment are about to go live on our  school web site . . . What have I forgotten? I had a sudden insight this morning that I should add some “prerelease” prompts to the central site on our LMS so that students can start blogging even before the actual summer begins. I’ll do that when I finish this post. I need to schedule times to help students build their blogs (if they actually need help, which I doubt), and I need to crank out a letter to parents. 

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting to hear what’s going on with the Adaptability Project. I wonder when the selection committee will share the identities of the participants. 

I didn’t get accepted to this summer’s Google Teacher Academy in Atlanta. I think it was tougher to get into that thing than it was to get into college! I am completely honest with myself about my mediocre qualifications. Furthermore, I could have done a better job on the (challenging) application. My one-minute YouTube video was hastily shot, and my application essays weren’t my best work either. I can still work on becoming a Google Educator this summer by taking their online classes and exams, and I think that’s a worthy form of professional development. I’ll also be participating in the #TABSchat summer book club (provided it really happens). 


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