Cities and Zombies

by Alex L. ’16        

As you walk in what is known as the heart of the city, it looks the same as when you walk into the grey buildings that are made up of steel and bricks while the streets are made out of old cobbled stones. In the city of Palenthoria, the people cannot go beyond the walls of this metropolis for they are programmed to perform one specific job to maintain the solemn atmosphere of this war-stricken town.  The people stare with a blank expression on their faces since they can only focus on their task and nothing else. I learned this as I walked through the neatly pasted old stones cemented on the grounds when I asked a person on the street for directions to the upper east side of the city. He did not even move his head, but just kept focusing on his specific task.  His face was pale as a ghost, and his eyes were completely blood shot. There seemed to be no intellectual life or communication decipherable in the city. The walls defining the boundaries of this dreary fortress were impenetrable, prohibiting the exit of even the smallest of creatures. All the streets were exactly the same, and at night there were no signs of human life anywhere. There was absolutely no blue coloring in the sky or the sighting of the sun adding to the bleakness of this already sterile environment. Storm clouds followed every footstep that was made, leaving no hope for a silver lining to appear to save the city from these zombies.

To see the next city in our project, click HERE.


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