GS Rising Sophomore Summer Blogging Prompts: Week 1

Synchronous Blog Prompts: Week 1 (June 23) — Respond to one or more prompts. The bonus prompt doesn’t count towards your ten-prompt minimum for the summer, so only respond to the bonus if you feel like it. Posts should be a minimum of 200 words. You are welcome/encouraged to write more than that. Proofread before posting!
Poetry Prompt: Read “When I was fair and young” by Queen Elizabeth I (p. 3-4). Analyze the form and content of this poem. What is the structure of the poem? How long are the lines, how are the organized, and how is the refrain used? Is there rhyme? What is the message of the poem? If you wish, you may research the poem and its author online and then explain how the poem relates to the author’s life. Make sure to link to any sources that you cite.
Novel Prompt: (It helps if you have read a couple of chapters!) Describe and analyze a character from the novel you are reading. It could be the protagonist or any other character that appeals to you. What have you learned about this character so far? How does the author use descriptive language to bring this character to life? What does this character want? Consider using a few quotations from the novel to illustrate your points. (You may use parentheses to cite the page number.)
Bonus Prompt: Pick a current event that interests you (e.g. The World Cup, the violence in Iraq, the situation in Ukraine, the defeat of Eric Cantor, etc.). Read some respectable online sources on this topic (e.g. New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, etc.). Then express your opinion on the topic. Link to your sources if you refer to them specifically. Make sure you argue your point of view respectfully and civilly.
Want to make sure Eric reads your posts? Email him a link ( or Tweet at him with a link (@EricAfterSchool).

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