GS Rising Sophomore Summer Blogging Prompts: Week 2

Synchronous Blog Prompts: Week 2 (June 30) — Respond to one or more prompts. The bonus prompt doesn’t count towards your ten-prompt minimum for the summer, so only respond to the bonus if you feel like it. Posts should be a minimum of 200 words. You are welcome/encouraged to write more than that. Proofread before posting!

Poetry Prompt : Read the Elizabethan period poems on pages 4-9 (Spenser through Shakespeare; stop before Donne). What do the poems of this period have in common? What are the basic aspects the Elizabethan poetry style based on this sample? Consider, rhyme, rhythm, line length, meter (if you know how to analyze meter), and subject matter. Which poem did you enjoy the most, and why?

Novel Prompt : What seems to be the central conflict of the book you are reading? Which characters are in conflict with each other, and what do they want? Are there specific passages you can cite in which the conflict is laid bare?

Bonus Prompt : Write a review of something. It could be a movie, a TV show, a video game, an article in a magazine (or online media site), or a restaurant. [Don’t review a book since you are blogging about a book already.] Provide a link to the thing you are reviewing (or its web site). Your blog is a legitimate vehicle for your opinions that can be read by anyone on the internet, so be thoughtful about your criticism; it can impact the real world!


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