Sophomore Summer Blog Prompts — Week 3

Synchronous Blog Prompts: Week 3 (July 7 ) — Respond to one or more prompts. The bonus prompt doesn’t count towards your ten-prompt minimum for the summer, so only respond to the bonus if you feel like it. Posts should be a minimum of 200 words. You are welcome/encouraged to write more than that. Proofread before posting!

Poetry Prompt : Read the three poems by William Blake on pages 34-36 (“The Lamb,” “The Tyger,” and “London”). What themes does Blake choose to focus on in his poetry? (i.e. What is his poetry about?) What is the style of his poetry? (i.e. How does he use rhythm, rhyme, meter, etc.?) If you do any online research, remember to link to your sources.

Novel Prompt : Pick a passage that you’ve read in your book. It can be from any part that you’ve read so far; pick a passage that you like or find interesting. Then analyze that passage using close reading skills. Look at the specific word choices and narrative choices the author made. How did he/she make this passage interesting or effective? What might you learn from this analysis that could help your own writing? Use quotations from the passage and cite the page numbers in parentheses.

Bonus Prompt : Go online and Google the original pages of the three William Blake poems from the Poetry Prompt. Examine how Blake mixes his artwork and writing. How is your understanding or appreciation of Blake’s poetry altered by your examination of his original leaves? Remember to provide links to your sources.

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