Sophomore Summer Blog Prompts — Week 4

Synchronous Blog Prompts: Week  4 (July 14 ) — Respond to one or more prompts. The bonus prompt doesn’t count towards your ten-prompt minimum for the summer, so only respond to the bonus if you feel like it. Posts should be a minimum of 200 words. You are welcome/encouraged to write more than that. Proofread before posting!

Poetry Prompt : Read “The Lady of Shalott” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (p. 64-69). Then go to Google Images and look at paintings and other illustrations of the poem. This is a narrative poem, so it tells a story. What moments in the story do the artists seem most interested in illustrating? Why do you think that is? [“The Lady of Shalott” is an amazing poem, and you are welcome to include your direct reaction to the poem as well.]

Novel Prompt : Write a summary of the most recent chapter you’ve read. Then analyze that chapter, pointing out important movements in the plot, character development, themes, symbolism, etc. Your summary should be one paragraph (5-8 sentences is a good guideline). Your analysis may be as long or short as you feel is appropriate.

Bonus Prompt : Retell a piece of family lore. Write down a story that is part of your family’s history (be it centuries old or very recent), and try to capture the spirit of the story and its significance to you and your family. Respect your family members’ privacy: If they don’t want to be named, create pseudonyms or just refer to them as “my mother” or “my grandfather” etc.


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