Sophomore Blogging Prompts — Week 5

Synchronous Blog Prompts: Week  5 (July 21) — Respond to one or more prompts. The bonus prompt doesn’t count towards your ten-prompt minimum for the summer, so only respond to the bonus if you feel like it. Posts should be a minimum of 200 words. You are welcome/encouraged to write more than that. Proofread before posting!

Poetry Prompt: OK friends, this is getting serious! Read the selection of passages from Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” on pages 72-84. Whitman doesn’t use rhyme or meter, so what does he do to make music out of language? What do you think of his content/message? Do you find yourself affected by “Song of Myself” or not? Why? As usual, if you want to do some online research for help with the poem, that’s fine, but link to your sources.

Novel Prompt: We are all at different places in our novels now. Some people may be done, some people haven’t made much progress. So just choose a part of the book that you enjoyed a lot, be it from the beginning, middle, or end, and explain why you liked that passage. Was it a result of what happened in the plot, or character development, or funny narrative, or what? As usual, feel free to cite a portion of the text to illustrate your points.

Bonus Prompt: We are just about at the halfway point of summer vacation. How is your summer going? What has been good, and what has been not so good? What are you looking forward to in the second half of your vacation? Are there books that you are still hoping to read? Places you are still hoping to go? Experiences that you are still hoping to have?


Want to make sure Eric reads your posts? Email him a link ( or Tweet at him with a link (@EricAfterSchool).


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