Sophomore Summer Blogging Prompts — Week 6

Here are the Week 6 prompts for people doing the synchronous path. Bon Appetit!

Poetry Prompt: Read the poems by Emily Dickinson on pages 93-97. In your response, do two things: 1) Describe Dickinson’s style. What stylistic elements unify her poems? 2) Pick one of the six pieces by Dickinson from 250 Poems and offer your interpretation. Close reading and using quotations is appreciated. As always, if you want to do some research online, that’s okay provided you link to your source.

Novel Prompt: What does your novel have to say about gender? Is it a book by a female author with mostly female characters, or a book by a male author with mostly male characters, or does it defy stereotypical expectations? Has the author succeeded in creating believably realistic characters of the gender he/she is not? Do you think that the book is mostly a book for female readers or mostly a book for male readers? Or do you think that distinction is bogus? Explain . . . argue . . . gripe.

Bonus Prompt: Food blogging is popular these days. Let’s lean into this trend. Write a post about the best meal you’ve had this summer. Or describe a meal that you cooked yourself this summer. Or, if you are planning to go to an interesting restaurant this week, shoot photos of your meal and post them to your blog with a review of the meal you ate. Or come up with your own food-related post; just tie it to your actual experiences this summer.


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