Sophomore Summer Blogging Prompts — Week 7

Poetry Prompt: Read “A Supermarket in California” by Allen Ginsberg (p. 179). How does Ginsberg’s poem pay tribute to Walt Whitman, both stylistically and in its content? Hopefully you read the Whitman poetry back in Week 5, so you won’t need to do additional research. If you want to do some research online, remember to link to your sources.

Novel Prompt: Discuss the ending of the novel you read. Was it satisfying? Was it predictable or unexpected? Would you have preferred for the novel to end differently? Did the characters get what they deserved?

Bonus Prompt: It’s early August. Are you getting antsy about the coming of the school year? Do you like the dog days of summer, or do you feel an impending sense of doom? What is your state of mind this week? What do you do to savor the end of the summer?

Bonus Bonus: Read the blogs of some other rising GS sophomores and leave them comments. If you are using WordPress and the blog you are reading is a WordPress blog, think about “reblogging” a good post. If you are using Blogger and the blog you are reading is from Blogger, think about giving it a +1. You can find links to all of the ’17 blogs on the LMS. If you are a new student, you won’t have access yet, but you can email Eric and he’ll send you some URLs. Show love and affection to your fellow bloggers!


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