So many great student blogs, so little time

We are getting down to the final few weeks of the summer blogging assignment. I’ve been visiting about 120 rising sophomore blogs every few days, and the amount of excellent writing and literary analysis that I’ve seen has been astonishing. Students have been wrestling with great poetry and doing a terrific job of making sense of it, and they have clearly been enjoying the novels we offered, too. It seems like In The Time of the Butterflies and Skippy Dies have been the most popular with the students, but there are quite a few students reading The Art of Fielding, too, I’ll have to wait until all of the students who chose the asynchronous path have their posts up before I can make a pie chart showing how many students chose each book. (Yes, I really am going to make that pie chart. I’ll even post it to my blog in early September. Stay tuned.)

With so much amazing work to choose from, it is hard for me to steer visitors to specific student blogs. But here are a few that are worth a peek:

Scott K’s blog

Michael P’s blog

Dana H’s blog

Val L’s blog

Clarence R’s blog

Anna P’s blog

Thy T’s blog

Yasmeen M’s blog

These blogs are from members of the Class of ’17. There are a number of rising juniors (’16) who are blogging, too, but I’m just focusing on the sophomores here. If you visit their blogs, consider leaving them an encouraging comment. This is work that they have done during their summer vacations!


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