Sophomore Summer Blogging Prompts — Week 8

I can’t believe it is already Week 8! We’ll wrap up the synchronous path prompts next week.

Poetry Prompt: Read “What Work Is” by Philip Levine (p. 188-9). What are the themes of ths poem? What is it really about? Levine weaves together several themes, so make sure to identify at least two in your response. As always, a close examination of the language of the poem may help in your analysis.

Novel Prompt: Describe an example of symbolism from the novel you read/are reading. It could be an object that a character owns, something they wear, something they look at and think about during the course of the novel, etc. Explain what this object is and how it functions symbolically. What does it symbolize, and how does it come to have that symbolism? Are the characters in the book aware of the symbolism, or just the reader?

Bonus Prompt: Read this article from Bloomberg News about college athletes winning a lawsuit that will now allow them to get paid for playing sports for the first time. What do you think about this landmark decision? Should college athletes receive compensation beyond the scholarships they have traditionally earned?

Don’t be afraid to promote your writing by tweeting out a link to a post you are proud of, or posting it to Facebook, or emailing a link to someone, etc.


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