Sophomore Summer Blogging Prompts — Week 9

These are the last synchronous path prompts of the summer, folks! Next week I’ll post some “post season” prompts for you.

Poetry Prompt: Read the following three poems: Yusef Komunyakaa, “Facing It” (p. 252); Naomi Shihab Nye “The Small Vases From Hebron” (p. 271-272); and Gary Soto “Mexicans Begin Jogging” (p.277-8). What do these poems have in common? In what ways are they different? You might read the bios of the poets in the back of the book for some context on who these writers are and what they like to write about.

Novel Prompt: Pick one of the characters in the novel you read and write a first-person narrative from their point of view. The narrative should take place after the end of the plot of the novel. Try to be true to that character’s voice and to the author of your book’s writing style. You have artistic freedom to go in any direction with this piece, but aim to write at least 250 words.

Bonus Prompt: Write about something in the news. Were you affected by the death of Robin Williams? Have you been following the events in Ferguson, MO? What’s in the news that you want to react to? This is your blog and a mirror of your thoughts, but remember that you have a wide potential audience, so show sensitivity.


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