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Thoughts on the University

Latest post written by my erudite colleague, Ralph Lelii.

by Ralph Lelii, English department

Jacob Bronowski, in his profoundly humane 1973 BBC series entitled, The Ascent of Man, ends the final installment in dramatic fashion. He returns to the lake behind the ovens of Auschwitz, a place of human evil where several members of his family, along with millions of others, were murdered. In the sediment of the lake lie the dumped ashes of thousands of corpses who were burned by the Nazi’s. Bronowski walks into the lake, reaches his hands down into the sediment, pulls up a handful of dripping ash, and says with great depth of feeling, “This is what men do when they are certain. This was not done by science. This was done by arrogance. When men believe they have the knowledge of Gods, this is how they behave.”

This visual moment was a powerful transition in my own intellectual life, and it led…

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Slow down! Great advice from Chloe H-D.

By Chloe ’16


That’s the best word I can use to describe this year so far. That, and cold. But I’m willing to forgive mother nature for that bit of chill, especially after some of the beautiful weather she’s given us recently. What a blessing it’s been!

The days have been flying by in groups, recently. Regardless of the weather, I’ve come to realize a bittersweet reality: It’s graduation season AGAIN. Last year’s graduation season was tough, but this year it feels different. The graduating seniors will always be “The Juniors” to me, and (it may sound crazy, but) I always seem to forget that all classes graduate eventually. Though this summer will no doubt be an awesome one for us all, I’m still kind of sad to see the seniors go.

But something pretty cool occurred at the end of today’s blur. After semi-halfheartedly tossing paint at…

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